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The Blackwell House Door

Blackwell House Door

Just as interesting followup to our article about the old knocker from the door to the Blackwell House that Maud Stoutenburgh Eliot gifted to President Roosevelt, we present this bit of correspondence showing a “colorful” bit of the history of the door it came from. As quoted by Thomas...


Bill Murray as FDR

An Internet search about a movie with Bill Murray as Franklin Roosevelt reveals a large number of hits. It seems that the movie is planned to be shot this fall in Hyde Park. The story covers one weekend in Hyde Park during a visit from the Queen and King...

Teller Family History

Margaret Teller-Stoutenburgh

William Teller, born 1620, was the son of a minister of distinction — which may account for the pulpit design in the Coat of Arms of the Teller Family published in Helmes Wappenbuch in Nuremburg in 1700. He was the first of the family in this country. He went...