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The Stoutenburgh-Teller Family Association

For any of you that may have wondered about the Stoutenburgh-Teller Family Association (STFA), here’s quick history by Betsy Neal (STFA President) telling how it came to be and a little of what it’s about:

Stoutenburgh Crest

by Betsy Neal
STFA President

August 17, 1942, descendants of Jacobus Stoutenburgh submitted papers to incorporate the Stoutenburgh-Teller Family Association in New York State. According to the articles, the mission of the charter of the Association is to collect and preserve information regarding the early history of the Stoutenburgh and Teller families in America: to discover, collect, and preserve documents and memorabilia relating to their genealogy and history; to perpetuate the memory and to foster and promote the principles and virtues of the ancestors of its members; to promote social intercourse among its members; to gather and establish by degrees, a museum for the use of the Association; to establish an endowment fund for the upkeep and care of the ancient Stoutenburgh burial ground at Hyde Park; to buy, acquire, hold, maintain and otherwise deal in real estate or real property in carrying out the objects of the Association. Gilbert Stoutenburgh, Eugene J. Cantin, Maud Stoutenburgh Eliot, and Natalie Stoutenburgh Coote were the original signers.

William Stoutenburgh Historic HomesiteForty years later the Association acquired the stone home built by William Stoutenburgh in the 1750s and received the incorporation in 1982 of the William Stoutenburgh Historic Homesite fulfilling the mission of the group. William Stoutenburgh was born in 1722, the third child of Jacobus Stoutenburgh and Margaret Teller. Eric K. Stoutenburgh, James Spratt, and David Ring were the signers.

In 2004 the Association received tax exempt status for the Homesite and is still proceeding in following the mission the founding members established so long ago. We should all be proud that we are involved in carrying out the wishes of our ancestors who had the foresight to establish this Association.