The Goede Vrouw (Good Women) of Mana-ha-ta at Home and in Society, 1609-1760

The Goede Vrouw of Mana-ha-ta at Home and in Society, 1609-1760

by Van Rensselaer, May (King), J. K. Van Rensselaer, Mrs., 1848-1925

The Goede Vrouw of Mana-ha-ta at Home and in Society, 1609-1760

I am emboldened to lay before the public the results of my researches into the lives of the women who, by their industry, their courage, and their piety, helped to create a colony in the New World, and I have followed out the history (as far as was possible) to their descendants of the third and fourth generation. The information contained in this volume was culled from various sources, many of them not open to the public, such as private family papers to which I have fortunately had access, and some of which I had inherited, they having been lain aside by an older member of the family with the view of compiling a family history, which was never accomplished. Family traditions have been used which have always been given for what they are worth and always noted, histories were consulted that have been long out of print, and are now to be found only on the back shelves of some old-fashioned library, as well as those that are commonly known and often consulted by the public. All of these I have woven into a web. If the pattern is not clear, or the colors are not properly assorted, it must be excused, as being the work of a woman, done in a womanly way, from a woman’s point of view.


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