Grand Reopening!

Grand Reopening!
Grand Reopening!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the totally redesigned Stoutenburgh-Teller Family Association website!

The members of the Stoutenburgh-Teller Family Association are descendants of Jacobus Stoutenburgh and Margaret Teller, first white settlers of today’s Hyde Park, New York. Like the old site, the primary focus of the new website is on this couple, their environs and descendants. However, the new site will begin to look at Margaret and Jacobus’ ancestors as well.

The content from the original website is now organized into categories that make it easier for you to find items of interest. But there is more than just the articles.

Home Page

Don’t miss two important items on the Home page: In 1916 Walter Graeme Eliot published the Stoutenburgh Family Circles in which he documented all the known descendants of Pieter Stoutenburg at the time. The STFA has been working on the project since 2011 to update the circles. Be sure to click on the Family History Project sign to find out more about this project.

If you are planning a trip to New York that includes a visit to Hyde Park, be sure to click on the Stoutenburgh Legacy in Hyde Park sign near Margaret Teller’s portrait to obtain a copy of the Stoutenburgh Legacy in Hyde Park brochure. The brochure identifies eight locations connected to the Jacobus Stoutenburgh family.

The menu bar at the top of each page lets you move about the website easily.

New Menu

The ARTICLES dropdown menu provides the gateway to the articles that were once found on the old site as well as future articles. The dropdown menu includes 12 categories in which the articles are now placed.

The MEMBERSHIP dropdown menu leads you to pages that tell you more about the STFA itself and how to become a member.

The STFA is the proud owner of the family cemetery and a home built by William Stoutenburgh, the oldest currently existing house in Hyde Park. CEMETERY and HOMESITE lets you learn more about these treasures.

We are especially excited about the items that we offer through the RESOURCES dropdown menu.

Click on Albums to see images that relate to the Stoutenburgh and Teller families and of the times and places that they and their descendants have touched. The images are organized into groups to make your viewing experience simpler.

Come into our new Library. The library has a whole host of out-of-copyright books focused primarily on Dutch New York in the 17th through 19th centuries. Click on a book to read it as you would on a Kindle.

Jacobus Stoutenburgh’s grandfather was Pieter Stoutenburg who was in New Amsterdam by 1649 when he married Aefje Van Tienhoven. Margaret Teller’s grandfather was Willem Teller who initially settled in the same timeframe at Albany. However, after the Schenectady Massacre in 1690 he moved to Manhattan Island. Because the ancestors of Jacobus and Margaret sprung from New Amsterdam/New York City, the items in the Video category are mostly about New York City now and then but will probably receive other additions over time.

We have not forgotten the 4-generations descendants’ report of the Descendants of Pieter Stoutenburg from the old site. You can find it in the RESOURCES dropdown menu. As more information is becoming more readily available, we have discovered a few errors in the report. Once the errors are verified and/or fixed, look for an updated report in the future.

Visit the Links page for a collection of very useful links.

The last two tabs on the menu bar are STORE and CONTACT US. We have a number of items that you can purchase. The proceeds are used to help with the maintenance of both the homesite and cemetery.

Be sure to use the CONTACT US tab to comment, suggest, or inquire.

More changes are on the way! So come back often to see what’s new.