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Gloria Waldron Hukle, Distinguished Author

We are delighted to present Gloria Waldron Hukle, who has contacted us through this website to introduce her work. We look forward to reading her books! The following is reprinted with her permission.

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Gloria Waldron Hukle
Gloria Waldron Hukle

Gloria Waldron Hukle, a native and resident of New York State is an llth generation Waldron in the line of the New York Dutch Waldron who emigrated to New Amsterdam (NYC) from Holland mid-l7th century settling on the corner of present day Wall Street and B’Way and later Harlem. Hukle is the author of three well-researched historical novels that comprise the "Waldron Series Books." More information to be found at Author Gloria Waldron Hukle website.

The First of the series is Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple, the story of Resolved Waldron, his second wife, Tennake, and his three young children by his deceased first wife, Rebecca Hendricks, who came over with him to the raw new world, William, Rebecca, and Aeltie. The story travels a period of ten years spanning the distance from Holland, onward through the journey over, to the family’s first steps upon American soil where they began a new life with Waldron serving Peter Stuyvesant as his assistant night sheriff–to the final closing scenes when the English took over in l664.

The children are active participants in this Manhattan story and the reader is invited to share the family’s growing years. One is also introduced to young Miss Engeltje Stoutenburg with whom the teenage William became enchanted. Of course, we know from the records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New York that William Waldron (William & Engeltje are Hukle’s 9th generation grandparents) marries Engeltje February l0, l671.

William Waldron and his wife Engeltje Stoughtenburg Waldron produced several children. Their son, Peter Waldron, most likely named for his grandfather, Peter Stoutenburg migrated north to Albany circa l699. He had married Catharina Vandenbergh in Sept. l698 and the couple parented ten children. Peter Waldron and his Cate are portrayed in Hukle’s, Threads: An American Tapestry which opens in l723 with the New York Provincial census.

Diary of a Northern MoonThe Diary of a Northern Moon is a mystery connecting old local lore set in more contemporary times in the small hamlet of North Creek, New York, Lake George, and Albany. Two men return from World War II. One dies and the other keeps a secret that turns him inside out until l976 when a murder forces out the truth.

Gloria Waldron Hukle’s books are sold via Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Signed copies can be ordered through Hoss’s Country Corner, Long Lake, New York, 1-800-952-HOSS, in Albany or Stuyvesant Book House.