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Family History Project Deadline Approaches!

Please submit by October 31, 2016

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Beginning in 2011, Angeles Oakes has been compiling a genealogical manuscript of the Stoutenburgh family beginning with immigrant Pieter Stoutenburg who died in New York in 1698. Currently within her project she has been able to document facts for 3,362 people in the Stoutenburgh tree, including some Teller descendants.

This project is in the “Eleventh Hour.” Several people have offered to send her documentation for which she is waiting. We want to make sure that your branch is represented, so if you have any such records or documents, please contact us through this website to get in touch with Ms. Oakes.

Ms. Oakes has approached this project with the same strict guidelines of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR.) She began with Walter Graeme Eliot’s family circles. A handful of individuals that made it onto Eliot’s chart would not have made it through the DAR process. She will reserve these for scrutiny upon final review and at minimum include the information as not provable, but likely a descendant.

According to Ms Oakes:

Old Reformed Dutch Church - 1776
Old Reformed Dutch Church – 1776

The Dutch Reformed Church kept wonderful records up to the Revolution and those individuals who attended during that period continued as members. After the Revolution there came a freedom to move about without any accountability to Church or State and those children simply left the Church or quit. New York as well as most of the remaining country did not establish legal birth and death records until 1918, leaving almost one hundred years, for those of us who care, to try and establish relationship lines.

It is in this period of time that I find difficulty and especially beginning 1800. The only hope for some of these lines are to find that one scrap of paper someone has in a dusty attic that states lineage. I have personally experienced this in my own line.

There have been unintentional errors over time due to the fact that so many Dutch descendants have the same name over and again, and the person researching didn’t have the luxury we do now with public records being so readily available.

In summary, most individuals can prove their lines back to 1900 quite easily, however if there is documentation that cannot be found as a public document, (newspaper, legal document) I would encourage that a copy should be shared and preserved.

Should you wish your line to be included, please contact us without delay regarding your submission to this project. It is a rare opportunity to be so honored.

For each person she includes in the tree, she needs documentation, such as:

  • Birth & Death Registers
  • Birth & Death Certificates
  • Birth Announcements
  • Social Security Death Index
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Biographical Printed Material
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Marriage Registers
  • Cemetery Records
  • Probate Records
  • Census Records
  • Military Records
  • Pension Records
  • Church Records
  • Funeral Cards
  • Bible Records
  • Wills
  • Land Deeds
  • Personal letters establishing relationship

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