Canadian Cousins

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada (Downtown)
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada (Downtown)

This year I have received many letters from interested and helpful family members who are contributing to our understanding the migration of part of our family post Revolutionary War. The line of Peter Stoutenburg, husband of Caroline Ashton, was established in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. If you are of this lineage, please contact us, as we have much to share and invite your submissions to our forum.

Lanaii Kline has created an online group to survive the closing of our original private community which was closed by Microsoft Network earlier this year. We are seeking our participants who contributed and also would like to inform you that the content from that site has been saved. You are invited to rejoin us in our new online location. Please advise me should you wish to do so and I will direct you to Lanaii who also wears the hat of our Newsletter Editor.

Many thanks to Lanaii for all of her contributions throughout the years. She has completed this year’s edition and it has been distributed through the postal service. A copy of it is available to view at the group site. You should have received yours by now. Please let us know if you have missed yours.

Our annual meeting is imminent. Please contact us for more particulars should you be in the area during this next weekend.

Travel safely and we can’t wait to see you!

Ila Malloy
STFA Web Manager