A Family United by History

Stoutenburgh Crest

As we continue to upgrade this site, we’d like to take a moment to remind everyone of our mission here, “to collect and preserve information regarding the early history of the Stoutenburgh and Teller families in America…”

This site exists to fulfill that mission. We want to collect and preserve any and all documents and oral histories that exist out there before they disappear. We want these to be available to our children and their children and so on down the line. We want them to know who we are, where we’ve come from, what we’ve gone through. This should be a unifying influence, not a divisive one.

Unfortunately, history, by it’s very nature, is open to interpretation. Even well-recorded, recent history is subject to dispute–and ours is not a well-recorded history. Much of that history involves times and places with little or no written records. Some people look at what we’ve found and see one thing while others see that differently, and that’s fine as long as we don’t allow our viewpoints to divide us.

If you have different information than what you see here, then speak up. Present your information (and documentation if available) clearly and intelligently. Share it with everyone here. We make no claims to having the final word on anything. The more information we can get and present, the better it will be for everyone to make up their own mind.

Those of us creating and maintaining this site would like to thank everyone who has contributed their knowledge and time to provide this information. We hope to continue adding to this store of knowledge indefinitely.